Tinahely Show


Please refer to Rules & Conditions at beginning of Home Industries Section
Jackson Cup will be awarded for best exhibit in Craft Section.
Michael & May Hegarty Perpetual Cup will be awarded to best exhibit in handcrafted wood turned Item class.
Michelle Byrne Memorial Perpetual Cup
presented by Ballyraine Training Centre will be awarded to best exhibit in classes confined to peoples with disabilities.
Prizes: 1st €20, 2nd €15, 3rd €10. Except where otherwise stated Entry Fee:€4


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CLASS 215: Any Handcrafted Work. Confined to People with Disabilities
Special Prizes: 1st €25, 2nd €20, 3rd €15, 4th €10.

CLASS 216: Any Wood crafted Work. Confined to People with Disabilities
Special Prizes: 1st €25, 2nd €20, 3rd €15, 4th €10

CLASS 217: Best Felted Article. Wet or Needle Felted

CLASS 218: Handmade Christmas Tree Decoration (not larger than 10cm)
No description available.

CLASS 219: A Decorated Hat suitable to wear at Tinahely Show.

CLASS 220: Handcrafted Work any medium
No description available.

CLASS 221: Piece of Handmade Jewellery. (No Kits)
1st Prize: Voucher Sponsored by Rathwood, Tullow.

CLASS 222: A Homemade Bookmarker, any medium.
No description available.

CLASS 223: Something New from Something Old â should be Eco-Friendly.
No description available.

CLASS 224: Tea Cosy, any Medium

CLASS 225: Handmade Gift or Souvenir. (Cost not to exceed â¬10).
No description available.

CLASS 226: Most Tastefully Gift Wrapped Box.

CLASS 227: Handmade Card for Special Occasion. Any medium; max size 21x15cm
No description available.

CLASS 228: A Decorated Wellington Boot
No description available.

CLASS 229: An example of Cotton Crochet.

CLASS 230: Hand Knit or Weaving Article. (Yarn Sample)
No description available.

CLASS 231: An example of Crochet, not cotton.

CLASS 232: Handmade pair of socks

CLASS 233: A Novelty Toy or Doll in Wool, Crochet or Fabric.

CLASS 234: Best Hand Spun Yarn of Natural Fibre, Dyed or Undyed, min. 25 gr.

CLASS 235: A Decorated Bottle, any medium.
Confined to Members of any I.C.A. Please state Guild.
Sponsored by Wicklow Fed.

CLASS 236: Hand Knitting, a Childâs Garment. (Yarn Sample)

CLASS 237: Hand knitted item from 100% wool (wool sample)

CLASS 238: Most Imaginative Handmade Present for a new baby.

CLASS 239: A Cushion â complete any medium.

CLASS 240: Handmade Picture, Fire-Screen or Wall Hanging (other than painting.) - any medium.120cm x 120cm

CLASS 241: Handmade Pin Cushion any medium

CLASS 242: Tapestry â an example of Tapestry. (Framed)


CLASS 244: Any article in Coloured Embroidery.

CLASS 245: Cross Stitchâframed or unframed.

CLASS 246: A small item in patchwork or Appliqué.(yarn sample)


CLASS 248: Handmade Craft (Open) Ceramics, Pottery, Stained Glass etc.
Confined to People with Disabilities.

CLASS 249: Hand Painted Piece of China. (Traced)

CLASS 250: Hand Painted Piece of China. (Free Hand)
1st Prize: Voucher Sponsored by Rathwood, Tullow

CLASS 251: The Irish Shows Association & Ballyshannon Agricultural Show Present The All Ireland Traditional Handmade Craft Final Sponsored by Magee 1866
Rules and Conditions
1. All items must be the sole work of the exhibitor.
2. Each exhibit must consist of 1 Article from point A plus 1 other article from points B, C or D making Total of 2 Articles:
a. Any article using tweed e.g. Picture (Max Size 18*16), Cushion (Min Size 16*16 - Max Size 18*18) or skirt (Adult size only) (this item is obligatory).
b. Any article in coloured or self-coloured embroidery made in the current year.
c. Any article in cotton crochet using no thicker than a No 20 cotton thread
d. Hand Knit cardigan lumber jacket or jumper, Adult size only.
3. All the above to be made in the current year.
4. The items to be displayed as one exhibit
5. Any item the judge feels is produced by any other method other than hand shall be disqualified.
6. A special class will be held at each qualifying show.
7. One entry may qualify from each qualifying show for the final, if judges agree that the standard is high enough a second entry may be qualified. The Qualifiers from each of these shows will go forward to the final to be held at the Ballyshannon Agricultural Show, on Sunday 18th August.
8. Each of the successful qualifiers will receive a rosette on appearance at the final.
9. Judges decision will be final at all stages of the competition.
10. Exhibits are displayed at owners risk.
11. The foregoing rules should be read in conjunction with ISA General rules, together with Ballyshannon Show Rules.
12. Exhibits must be in place for judging by 10.30am on Sunday 18th August 2019.
13. Exhibits cannot be removed from final before 4.30pm.

Entry Fee: to qualifying show: €3 To final: €6
Prizes: 1st €300 & Perpetual Trophy; 2nd €200, 3rd €100, 4th €60, 5th €50, 6th €40.
Please Note: The committee reserve the right to substitute the cash prizes with vouchers for product
Final: Ballyshannon Agricultural Show - Sunday 18th August 2019

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