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The Owen Doran Memorial Perpetual Cup
Will be presented to the Best Handwriting Exhibit in Handwriting Classes.
16cm x 20cm Copybook Size Unmounted. Age to be entered on back of page.
Special Prize: 1st €20: 2nd €15: 3rd €10, 4th €5 Entry Fee: €2


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CLASS 379: Handwriting â any style â age 7 years or under, copy the following piece:
Then daylight came back again and everyone gave a shout of delight. They were back in the Land of Birthdays.
(From: “The Enchanted Wood” by Enid Blyton)

CLASS 380: Handwriting â any style â age 8 to 10 years, copy the following piece
The air was full of panting dogs and excited people. Aki and Kalle helped everyone to tie their sleds. The dogs all sat or lay in the snow. They curled up and let themselves sink in. They hid their noses under their tales.
(From: “Wilderness” by Roddy Doyle)

CLASS 381: Handwriting â any style â age 11 to 13 years, copy the following piece:
Slipping and stumbling, they followed Hagrid down what seemed to be a steep, narrow path. It was so dark either side of them that Harry thought there must be thick trees there. Nobody spoke much. Neville, the boy who kept losing his toad, sniffed once or twice.
(From: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” by J.K. Rowling)


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