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The Lilly Griffin Memorial Perpetual Cup will be awarded to the best exhibit in this section.
Michael & May Hegarty Perpetual Cup will be awarded to the best wood exhibit in Woodwork Class.
The Margaret Dollard Memorial Perpetual Cup,
presented by her Family will be awarded for best exhibit in a Three Dimensional Sculpture Class.
Prizes: 1st €15, 2nd 10, 3rd €5. Except where otherwise stated Entry Fee: €3


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CLASS 380: Any article in Woodwork.
(NOT lollypop sticks or woodturning)
18 years or under.

CLASS 381: A Three-Dimensional Sculpture
Sculpture (Clay; Recycled Material; Paper Mache etc.)
18 years or under

CLASS 382: A Textile Item
(Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Appliqué etc.) 18 years or under

CLASS 383: Design a pattern using Green white & Gold. A4 Size

CLASS 384: An Article made from Recycled Material
max size 60cm x 60cm

CLASS 385: A Decorated Flower Pot

CLASS 386: Happy/Sad Face made from fruit and/or veg. displayed on a paper plate 7
No description available.

CLASS 387: Decorated Wooden Spoon, aged 8 years and under

CLASS 388: Decorated Wooden Spoon, aged 9 to 14 years

CLASS 389: Your Own Design in Lego, (No Kits)
Space allowed 30cm x 46cm

CLASS 390: An Edible Necklace made from Sweets.
No description available.

CLASS 391: Decorated Eggshell
No description available.

CLASS 392: A Dressed Potato

CLASS 393: Weird Animal or Insect made from Fruit and/or Vegetables.
36cm or under

CLASS 394: Paint a Stone not larger than 15cm

CLASS 395: Design a miniature garden on a biscuit tin lid
Theme: “Rock Garden”. Real
and/or artificial material plus plant material may be used. SPONSORED BY WWW.GRANITEFARM.COM SPECIAL PRIZE 1ST €25, 2ND €15, 3RD €10

CLASS 396: A Up cycled Garment

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